Day 16: A Gouda Day in Amsterdam

How’s that for a cheesy title? We got to live life like a local this morning. After a long and somewhat arduous commute into the city we picked up our daily tour guide Larae who gave us a lovely bus tour around Amsterdam. She explained much of the rich history of the city. Part of our tour was a pit stop at a local cheese producer named Role who also sold clogs. Role was like a Dutch version of Hugh Jackman who has had way too much coffee. Our next stop was the Rembrandt windmill for a group photo. The most moving and emotional piece of the day was our visit to the Anne Frank Museum. Unfortunately we weren’t permitted to take photos inside the museum, but the students took their time and really soaked in the spirit of the exhibit. Today was jam packed as we also managed to fit in a river cruise through Amsterdam’s canals. Dinner tonight was a delicious chicken chili and brownie for dessert. Alarms tonight will be going off at 2:45 AM as we have an extra early ride out to the airport.

IMG_2158 IMG_2161 IMG_2164 IMG_2165 IMG_2170 IMG_2175 IMG_2177 IMG_2178 IMG_2183 IMG_2184 IMG_2186 IMG_2189 IMG_2191 IMG_2194 IMG_2200 IMG_2206 IMG_2210 IMG_2215 IMG_2219 IMG_2222 IMG_2229


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One Response to Day 16: A Gouda Day in Amsterdam

  1. Jean Saville says:

    Thank you for posting such delightful interpretations of the student’s travels as well as fabulous photos. It has been our pleasure to share the daily experiences of our granddaughter. You have given the young people experiences and memories that they will carry for their whole lives and that is alone is immeasurable. Thank you again…..Bob and Jean


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