Day 15: Gogh-ing to Amsterdam

The rain on the road from Cologne to Amsterdam thankfully did not last. By the time we arrived in the canalled city the rain had stopped and it was a beautiful afternoon for exploring the backstreets. Sigi took us on a brief walking tour of the more touristy districts of downtown before we broke for lunch. In the afternoon, students had an opportunity to explore on their own. Some took the chance to head over to the Van Gogh museum. Everyone agrees that this is one of our most interesting and exciting stops yet! With groups heading in different directions to explore, it was tough to get photos of everyone… so students were encouraged this evening to submit their own photos for part of the blog. Unfortunately we only got a handful of submissions! For dinner we celebrated yet another birthday – this time it was Rozhin’s turn to be sung to! After dinner we piled on to the bus and drove out to our lodging for the night. We tuck ourselves in tonight about an hour outside of Amsterdam in a suburban hotel. Tomorrow is our final day of the tour, so we’re up at 6am to make the most of our final day.

IMG_2111 IMG_2119 IMG_2121IMG_1253 IMG_3108 IMG_3122 IMG_6335 IMG_6344 IMG_9572IMG_2128 IMG_2132 IMG_2136 IMG_2138 IMG_2139 IMG_2126IMG_2140 IMG_2146 IMG_2150 IMG_2153 IMG_2156


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