Day 13: A Touch of Cologne

Cologne, pronounced ‘kooln’ in German, was our final stop of the day. But it took another long winding day of bussing to get here. From Heidelberg we set out northward towards Rüdesheim, stopping along the way at the Niederwalddenkmal monument and its enormous statue of Germania, commemorating the German victory over France in the Franco-Prussian war. From the top of the monument we could see down the Rhine river valley which we would follow throughout the day from Rüdesheim to Koblenz. All along the river valley there was tiny castle after tiny castle. Arriving in Koblenz, we took a photo at the William I monument before seeking out some lunch. And after one last leg of driving today we’ve finally arrived in Cologne. The enormous cathedral makes an easy focal point from which to explore the city. Our usual routine of dinner in town and then retiring to the hotel to relax at a decent hour continues. Tonight we were joined by a recent Handsworth exchange student, Maxi, who spend some time catching up with Olivia and other students. Tomorrow we get to look at little more closely at the city we’ve just arrived in and take a break from riding the bus.

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